Thursday, June 12, 2008

Business Analyst Resources all under one roof

Business Analyst Resources all under one roof

Some management & technical books
  1. Writing Effective Use Cases - a must 4 Business Analyst
  2. UML for IT Business Analyst
  3. Managers-book-on-software-development - must for all MBA's working in Software Industry
  4. Business Analyst - ebook - Must do read..!!
  5. What is UML ?
  6. Writing Good usecases (from IBM Site)
  7. Documents Caputred during a SDLC Cycle

Master Link

From Infosys -
  1. Effective Business Analysis -1
  2. Effective Business Analysis -2 
Sample Business Analyst CV

Some useful Links on Business Analyst

  1. (very good one)
  2. Index for Business Analysis
  8. (Good one)
  9. Vikram Pai's blog on Business Analysis
  10. Paras Verma's Google Knol on Business Analyst role

Some fantastic presentation on Business Analyst

  • Effective User Acceptance Testing
  • Presenting Requirements in a Consistent and Cohesive Manner
  • Modeling Scope from the Business Analyst's Perspective
  • Facilitating Requirements: Gathering Requirements in a Group Setting
  • Why Does a Project Need a Project Manager and a Business Analyst?
  • Demystifying Business Use Cases
  • How Does a Requirements Package Vary from Project to Project
  • Deconstructing Your Requirements Template to Optimize Traceability
  • Emerging Role of the Business Analyst
  • How Does a Requirements Package Vary from Project to Project
  • Resurrecting the SDLC
  • Why is Data Important to Business Analysis
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  2. This site is a great resource for Business Analysts - perhaps you could include Business Analyst Jobs - they have some good advice and lots of jobs.

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