Monday, May 10, 2010

Requirement Gathering by Gap Analysis – a Agile Approach

What will you do when you have strict timelines in finalizing a product/application for one of your processes? Probably this exercise can help you in finding out whether the product/application can meet your requirements.


Client had a strict guideline where in they wanted a XYZ application to be configured an d installed in 5 months time. 2 and half months went in RFI/RFP. Client did all the due diligence, checked the features and rated high to one of the vendors and the vendor turned up for a demo.

Remember now Client has just 2 months left to get the application running.

Now with these strict deadlines the best approach was

  •  Inviting vendor to turn up for a few days workshop where it would take you to all the modules and show the entire workflow.
  •  To have a moderator (probably a very senior/experienced person) to take care for smooth execution
  •  To bring all stake holders at one place i.e.
          o End users
          o Business / Process Heads
          o Business Analyst’s (of all the applications which this XYZ would interact)
          o Process Heads
          o Audit teams, and all possible stakeholders.

  •  A Interactive session among all stake holders for smooth execution (Remember interactive session may also lead to distraction by way of clashes among business heads/users. something common to see) 
  • The users and the core team with the business heads would turn up to identify whether the product/application meets their requirement and also identify the gaps so that they can jot down and later come to conclusion (to go with this application or not)
  • During discussion all stakeholders will get to know about all possible interactions of the application with other applications in the system.( To give an example, The client might need customer/agent details from ABC application ) That’s where the BA’s of the respective Applications/ Teams will be of great help to give insight  on how their system would behave and what will be required to make this application running from their side.
  • At the end of every session Business Analyst of the team who is getting XYZ application will have points or the Gap’s, which he would translate in to high/detailed level business requirement?
  • At the end of this exercise all the stakeholders will have their work to be done. Eg: Processes team will work on getting a new process or modification of the existing process. The Other BA’s will work on the time lines and solution design for a smooth interaction with the XYZ application.
  • Also the vendor team will list the Gap’s noted /identified by the Business and tally with the BA from the client side. The Gap’s noted will help him to give timelines on getting them in to the system. Based on priority both client and vendor can work on which Gaps will be filled in the first phase and will also discuss on the other phases.

Hope my experience helps you too in your assignments during this tight timelines.