Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Sample UseCase for capturing a functionality on Internet Banking site

This post is to show how a USE CASE will look when you try capturing functional aspects of a internet banking site.

Scenario:: I used an example of HDFC Internet banking site, which displays account summary on welcome page or as a first page once the valid user logins to the system.

Use Case Number: Usecase_1
Use Case Name: Login in to the internet banking site
Description: The following use case illustrates the login process in to the internet banking site.
Actor: Bank Customer(s)
Pre condition:
  1. Enter valid URL in the browser address bar.
  2. Login Page should be displayed.
Normal Flow:
  1. User will enter valid username.
  2. User will enter valid password.
  3. User will click on the login/submit button.
  4. Valid user welcome page will appear with the following data.
    1. Full name of the user.
    2. Login time along with last login time.
    3. Welcome Message.
    4. Account summary information.
· The account summary information will contain Account Number, Branch, and Name of the customer, Currency Type, Available balance and mini statement hyperlink. (Following data will be populated directly from the available persistent storage.)
Post condition: None
1. User (s) will enter invalid user name and password.
Alternative Steps:
1. User will be notified with the Invalid user name and password message.
2. Repeat Steps from Normal flow.


  1. Pretty good. I would suggest
    1) adding post-conditions. Step 4 is a definite post-condition here (or 'user is authenticated in the system' is a post-condition as well) or otherwise it appears that this is a Use Case with no purpose (which is impossible).
    2) Bring more details to Exception flow - which steps of basic flow exactly are alternated here.

  2. If I may add as well, you may want to consider adding Triggers to the section. Triggers differ from pre-conditions. A trigger is an event while a pre-condition is a state. In which case the use case sample above can have a trigger: "User enters the valid URL in the browser bar" and a pre-condition "web server must be running".

    Ariel Magalso